99th anniversary of the birth of the Master of Humor Miguel Gila. We love you and we remember you!

Miguel Gila in the TV program "Pero ¿esto qué es?"

Miguel Gila in the TV program «Pero ¿esto qué es?»

Today we remember the great Teacher of Humor Miguel Gila who was born on March 12, 1919.

This year we have enjoyed the magnificent documentary «Gila» in «Imprescindibles» (essentials ) of TVE2, thanks to the director and screenwriter Alberto Esteban, the producer Juan Carlos Gómez and the director of «Imprescindibles», Ana Peláez.

I want to thank Hugo Stuven who gave me this picture of Gila from the program he directed «Pero¿esto qué es?

Miguel Gila was a genius of Graphic Humor, a pioneer of the Monologue, as well as an actor, writer, author of plays and also a poet.

Today we are going to publish different tweets with Gila’s works and moments of his life with the Hashtag:

Cheer up and create your own tweets, we will create a Twitter Moment with all of them;)

Be attentive!

Celebrate with us the birth of Gila!

Vídeo sobre la vida y obra de Miguel Gila







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